Home Staging

Are you looking to sell or rent your house or apartment at the best possible price quickly and without haggling?

Silvia Weibel’s Home Staging services will make your asset rise well above the crowded field and help you meet your rental or selling goal by a complete and detailed preparation and efficient methods.

Only the best in its class will rent or sell well!

Home Staging highlights the attractiveness of a property by featuring its positive attributes in a truly cost-effective way.

Each indoor or outdoor living space of your property is attractively staged and decorated. By selectively freeing up space and renovating aspects of your property, a balanced elegance will be created with the potential to spark “love at first sight” in the hearts of your prospective buyers or renters, so they immediately recognize its worth and project themselves in their new home.

Well staged, quickly sold !

It will be my pleasure to help you sell or rent your property while saving time and money. Upon phoning or an on-site visit, I will gladly follow-up with a customized proposal based on your defined requirements.

Our first meeting is free-of-charge – please call or email!

Looking forward to meeting you, Kind regards, Silvia Weibel

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